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No one has been sending me anything, I hope all is good with all of you :-)

Where are you guys stationed? You should put a little bit of your own story :D

come off of anon and ill send you my personal tumblr

Are you in a military relationship? If so what branch is your partner in?

Air Force.

It did a bit lol, gave me some perspective. And it's ok, it wasn't too hard. But to be completely honest with you, there is no way I'm in love with the thought of being in a relationship. I LIKE being single. I'm not fond of relationships. I never even intended to get married. But I met him, and he pursued me, and I fell HARD for him despite trying my best to fight it. I don't fall like this easily. I was in love with my best friend for FIVE years. I have had boyfriends, but I have only felt

that’s completely understandable! I just dont want you to beat yourself up over  your boyfriend, ya know?

I hope it works out, I truly do. No one a bigger fan of love. That’s why I created this tumblr to help others out so I can help love grow. But, if he continues to make you feel way, actually I have no idea if you’re stressed or upset about this, I’m only assuming you are, I would look for another fish that will give you the love that everyone deserve.

I think I replied to that badly, I'm not seeing the message I sent in parts except the last one. I said I know I shouldn't compare, but I was just making an example, really. I have tried talking to him, countless times, and nothing ever changes. He WAS extremely lovey dovey, and so sweet and adorable. It's one of the things that made me fall for him. And he just changed literally overnight, almost 3 months ago. I just don't know how to handle this relationship without his help. Thanks it did :-)

are you sure? I didn’t think I was that helpful lol. My past relationship ended because I would nag him to be lovey dovey towards me. BUT if he’s making you feel bad about yourself you should really ask you’re if you’re in love with him or the thought of being in a relationship. In my past relationship I shouldnt of ended it earlier, it would saved me months of stress, and I could of been focusing on someone who truly liked me. Looking back on it, it was a HORRIBLE relationship, but enough about me.

But, if you truly love him then his lack of being lovey dovey shouldnt effect you like it is.

But, if you’re just with him to have the thought of being with someone, you should move on. Find someone who WILL be lovey dovey with you and WANTS to be.

No man should EVER make you feel forgotten, ignored or like shit.

There’s PLENTY of fish in the sea that WILL make you and treat you like the princess you are.

but he locks me out. He doesn't communicate with me. At all. Isn't that one of the keys to making this kind of relationship work? I'm trying my absolute best to be strong for him, but it feels like I get nothing in return. Not even an 'I miss you.' He never ever says ANYTHING even slightly appreciative or affectionate. A lot of the time that makes it feel more like I have that kind of silly high school crush on that one guy who doesn't notice I exist. Is this normal? Or is it just him?

I had a relationship JUST like this. My ex boyfriend was in the Army, and I had to BEG to be affectionate towards me, needless to say the relationship ended badly.

You should really stop comparing your relationships to others. Relationships are like snow flakes, EVERY ONE IS DIFFERENT. 

So saying that, maybe he’s just not a lovey dovey person?

My current boyfriend is the same way though, he’s not straight up lovey dovey, and I talked to him about it and told him how it bothers me, and he changed, he started saying his bottled up feelings towards me out loud. 

Try talking to your man about it, but dont be pushy and  demanding about it, just calmly explain how it bothers you.

and remember, NEVER compare your relationships to other relationships!

I hope this helped!

Please can someone tell me, is it normal for them to be so emotionally withdrawn? I've heard that it happens, but I still see a lot of military boyfriends/fiances/husbands that are still VERY affectionate with their SO, whenever they can be. Mine never is. I'm not trying to compare my relationship to other people's, but I mean, he's just SO cold and seemingly non-feeling to me ALL the time. I'm having a really really hard time dealing with it. I mean, the whole situation is hard enough as it is,
we've still got two months before his homecoming, but i'm sending him a care package tomorrow bc his birthday is on Saturday. I really would love to have somebody to talk to about all of this! thank you so much

I’ll send you my number !

i'll come off anon for this. haha. we've technically met once, but he was engaged at the time & i was in the hospital. so it's not like we were doing anything, or even flirting. you can read "Our Story" on my page if you wanna know all the details. but i'm just kinda nervous bc i'm not really going to nobody there, & what if he doesn't recognize me? i mean, he's got tons of pictures.. but.. idk.

I read your story, and I would say that there’s NOTHING to be worried about. He seems like a true genuine person.

I don’t think that he wont recognize you. Tell him what you’re wearing the day of just to be sure.

I’m also sure that if it’s going to be the second time seeing him, you two will act as if you’re the only ones there! So there’s nothing to be scared of girlie! If you want, you I can give you my cell phone in a private message closer to the day so if it gets awkward you can text me!

I hope this helped a bit! :-)

I'm in a LDR with my U.S. Airman. He lives in Idaho on the Mountain Home Air Force Base and I'm living in Connecticut. I couldnt be anymore proud of him for living out his dream and serving our country. I love him with every inch of my being.

Very cute!